‚ÄčBody of Work

FULL-LENGTH, legendary Performances, premiered in Portland:

     From inside/Form outside (June 1995) Ram Island Studios, with 5 Performers

     In the Garden of Delights (Before the Fireworks, July 4th 1996) Eastern Promenade, with 25 performers

     About Love and other Mysteries (October 1996) Portland Stage Company, with 15 performers

     The Secret Waltz of the Flies (August 1997) Oak Street Theater, with 14 performers

     Idols (December 1997) Oak Street Theater, with 13 performers

     Before the End (June 1998) Portland Stage Company, with 8 Performers

     Eros Rhythm (August 1999) Oak Street Theater, with 10 Performers

     LUZ (Augst 2013) Portland Stage Company, with 15 Performers

     CARNE  (May 2015) Portland Stage Company, with 22 Performers


     From inside/From outside II (August 1995) Dance Portland Festival, with 5 performers

     Nightmare on Hell Street ( May 1996) Dance USM, with 17 performers

     Nightmare on Hell Street, bet. Congress and Cumberland (August 1996) Dance Portland Festival, with 17 performers

     Whispers and Hairdos (April 1996) Portland High School Auditorium. Franny Peabody's Birthday, with 8 performers

     The Fall of Time (October 1998)  Teatro Alberto Maranao, Natal, Rio de Grande, Brasil, with 9 performers from Corpo Vivo Dance Co.

     The Clones (January 2000) with 5 performers

     Amor de Psiquiatra (May 2003) Dance USM, with 11 performers

     The Remaining (August 2007) Portland Dances! Showcase, with 13 performers

     Hijos de la Luna (August 2008) Portland Dances! showcase, with 10 performers

     El Grito del Tiempo (August 2009) Portland Dances! Showcase, with 10 performers

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