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"Being apart of Esduardo's process has opened and expanded the possibilities of how I move.  Not only my own movement and how I experience body language, but also the idea of performance and its expressive content.  Finding expression in and around the frame work that Esduardo unfolds: Image, Dance, words. Esduardo has a way of bringing out my personal movement and mixing it with everyone elses. I'm very grateful of the opportunity to work with Esduardo and the people he brings together! "

     -Kenneth Kohl

Celebrating 22 years of making Performance Art in Portland, Maine!  (1995-2017)

''I think his work is very refreshing for local audiences.''

  -Laura Faure, Bates Dance Festival, Director

"It is great to be working with a serious artist.  I'm impressed with the scope of what you are presenting in this piece." 

     -Greg Frangoulis, Shoestring Theater


"His work transports you to another place all together. That's why I love it so much. When you get to work with a choreographer who has a clear vision of what he wants, you want that vision to come to fruition. You know when you go to an Esduardo Mariscal show, you will see something you have never seen before."

 -Debi Irons, Art Moves, Director

"One of the most unforgettable experiences I've had in my life in the Arts happened at the end of Esduardo's 1996 work "In the Garden of Delights", performed outdoors at the Eastern Promenade in Portland, ME, just before the 4th of July fireworks.

At the end of the piece the 25 dancers, sweaty and covered with white body paint, walked uphill through the crowd with candles in our hands as the fireworks exploded above us. The crowd of thousands was so moved by the image and energy of the performance that they were silent, held in rapt attention and entranced by the power of Art."

     -Joshua Bisset, Director Shua Group

"If you'd like to work with a master collaborator and visionary artist, get yourself down to the Casco Bay Movers studio on Saturday..."

      -Talking About Dance Blog

This Community Project has offered to residents of Maine a unique opportunity to experiment with movement and to present the result in a professional setting with: staging, lighting, costumes, etc. These performance opportunities of a lifetime have met the expressive needs of dozens of volunteers throughout 20 years of Performance Art by Esduardo Mariscal Dance Theater.

Esduardo Mariscal Dance Theater has seen the light of many professional artists and the beginning of many more non-professional, a great number of whom are men. Esduardo Mariscal Dance Theater is the dance-oriented project that has attracted and inspired more men to experiment with movement than any other Dance organization in the history of Maine. This has provided a dynamic balance with all the wonderful women.

Participants in the Esduardo Mariscal Dance Theater productions are called Performers. All of them do much more than what their training background is. Dancers act, sing, try dance styles other than their own. Actors dance, sing, do acrobatics. Athletes do all of the above. And everybody involved has a great time; a memory they'll never forget!

Esduardo has been honored to work with such luminous performers as: Debi Irons (Art Moves, Director), Sarah Whale (Ram Island Dance, Director), Jerry Sanders (Radical Radio, Director) Kevin Kiley, Pamela Wiley, including several who have gone on to create their own performing organization: Josh Bisset (Shua Group, Director), Jolyn Ariseman (Bare Soles, Coordinator)

Other performers include: Antonio Rocha, Caribeth Klemundt (Goldie Peacock), Sean Hoskins, Jeff Decareau, Emma Holder, Beth Gorski, Robin Behl, Eric Chase, Dylan Chestnutt, Deb Panish, Tom Kennedy

Artistic collaborators have included: Jonathan Lee (JSLFilms, Director), as promoter, producer, advisor. Matt Power (Green Builder Magazine, Editor), as performer and Video projection creator, advisor. Jessica Lockhart, as performer, Music editor, advisor. Kevin Tacka, as Artist, advisor. Arthur Fink, photographer Tom Antonik, photographer Sherry McCollough, as performer, Artist. And many, many others not intentionally missed on this list. Esduardo Mariscal is extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a rich variety of volunteer talent!

 "The performances of CARNE on the last week of May were a whirlwind of awesomeness"  

                   -Wyatt Barr, 2015

" le ocurrió el nombre: Un Desierto para la Danza, tal vez a Esduardo Mariscal que era el “espiral” más talentoso (con perdón de los restantes, no se me enojen). El caso es que el nombre, que me parece magnífico..." 

     -Carlos Moncada, former Director of Instituto Sonorense de Cultura

''It's very challenging to work with him and creatively stimulating. His pieces are always growing and changing. I call them living sculptures.''

     -Deb Panish

Esduardo Mariscal Dance Theater

"Congratulations on CARNE the best one yet" Debi Irons, 2015

 "I like to think that together we developed a visually impressive piece...Nothing feels cooler that sword fighting in a suit!"  -Zack Labbay 2015

''He gives his dancers exciting things to do.  It's very challenging for them. They get to be theatrical, and they get to move.''

     -Lisa Hicks, PATHS teacher