sCelebrating 22 years of making Performance Art in Portland, Maine!  (1995-2017)

"Internationally recognized choreographer Esduardo Mariscal contributed the most eye-opening work, ''El Grito Del Tiempo,'' with music by Caleb Sampson.

This dream-like piece was a crazy circus of European-style theatricality, including operatic snippets sung by the dancers, a tattooed strongman posing on a table and a silver hoop hanging from the ceiling.

Mariscal used all the musical elements effectively, texturing the movement to complement the rich instrumentation."  Portland Press Herald, 2009


Press Comments

"Esduardo Mariscal is an ambitious choreographer/dancer of impressive creative power..."  Maine Sunday Telegram, June 1998


Photo: Arthur Fink




Esduardo Mariscal is a Choreographer who has lived and worked in Maine since 1995.  Esduardo has presented his work in the United States and abroad.  He is the founder and namer of the International Dance Festival Un Desierto para la Danza now celebrating 25 years! He also is Founder of Espiral Danza Contemporanea in Sonora Mexico, and the Esduardo Mariscal Dance-Theater in Portland, Maine.


Esduardo Mariscal Dance Theater


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"Esduardo Mariscal, who can usually be relied upon to come up with something special, did it again this year with his 'Hijos de la Luna.'

It was a wacky, spooky, and just plain funny mini-festival featuring wild costumes, puppets, and even a real-life infant in the arms of one of his performers."  Portland Press Herald, 2008


Esduardo has taught at Bates College, and at the University of Southern Maine for 9 years. As well, he has led workshops at several other universities in Sonora, Maine, and NH.

His body of work on video has been used at the USM Theater Department to teach about the making of Performance Art.

Esduardo has received several grants and scholarships for academic studies as well as for artistic development as a dancer, and for his choreographic work internationally. He was the recipient of a fellowship awarded by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA) for his artistic development in 1993.  He spent 1994 in NYC where he was selected to study choreography with Bessie Schonberg at Dance Theater Workshop.  He was grateful to receive full scholarships at Ballet Hispanico in New York and at the Bates Dance Festival in Maine.  He has received support from INBA and his opportunity to stay in New York was supported by the Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Sonora. Since that time, he has made it possible for some of his dance colleagues to come to New York and Maine.  The Stephen King Foundation, the Millicent Monk Foundation and many other businesses and individuals in Maine have provided support for his choreographic work.

Esduardo Mariscal was the first exchange of Partners of the Americas between Maine and Brazil in 1998.  He developed the dance piece The Fall of Time for the company Corpovivo in Natal, Brazil. 
He is regarded as a pioneer of Dance in the textbooks for High Schools in Sonora and his name and work have been included in other publications and books about the History of Dance in Northern Mexico.  He has been a promoter of Mexican contemporary dance, facilitating performances with Bates Dance Festival and New England Foundation of the Arts, such as those of Delfos, who continue to teach at Bates Dance Festival.  His suggestions of Ballet Jazz de Montreal and Diavolo were taken by Portland Ovations.

With his Community Project, called Esduardo Mariscal Dance-Theater, he involves professional performers and artists, as well as people from the community interested in being part of Performance Art. Lawyers, professors, teachers, psychologists, psychoanalysts, physical therapists, nurses, contractors, carpenters, dance and theater directors, choreographers, dancers of all styles, actors, mimes, composers, musicians, painters, college students, full-time moms, street dancers and many others have all been involved in his project.  His work has been well-received by audiences and has been enthusiastically reviewed by Press and critics in Maine. With its trade mark "Comical Surrealism" Esduardo Mariscal Dance-Theater has enthralled audiences all over Maine, and has been very influential in Dance, Dance-Theater, and Performance Art. 


"One of the most unforgettable experiences I've had in my life in the Arts happened at the end of Esduardo's 1996 work "In the Garden of Delights", performed outdoors at the Eastern Promenade in Portland, ME, just before the 4th of July fireworks.

At the end of the piece the 25 dancers, sweaty and covered with white body paint, walked uphill through the crowd with candles in our hands as the fireworks exploded above us. The crowd of thousands was so moved by the image and energy of the performance that they were silent, held in rapt attention and entranced by the power of Art."

     -Joshua Bisset, Director Shua Group

 "If you'd like to work with a master collaborator and visionary artist, get yourself down to the Casco Bay Movers studio on Saturday..."

      -Talking About Dance  Blog